Fast Calibrate the PSS

Fast Calibration Function on the PSS

Login to the PSS unit

Expand “Alarm” and click on “AI APP”

Click the last tab “Calibration Parameters”

“Algorithm Type” – Select “DVS”

Input Camera Installation Measurements and calibration measurements. da, db, dc and dd as per installation.

Ensure La = 100 (warning zone), Lb = 90(extended warning zone on left indicator), Lc = 120 (information zone)

Click “Save”

Click “Algorithm Calibration” and under “Mode Type” change to “Calibration” for Channel 1, 2 and 3.

Click “Calibration” under Calibration Colum line 1. This will bring up the calibration screen below.

Click “Capture” to display the left side image. Click “Generate Calibration Points”. This will automatically generate the calibration points. Click Save and close the tab. Repeat this for “Left BSD” and “Front BSD”.

Change “Mode Type” to normal for channel 1, 2 and 3 and “Save”.

Check the B3 Alarm Config and Speed settings

Click on “Industry Config”, click “Alarm Config” and set the BSD “Alarm Range” speed to 0, Tick the box in “C53  Alarm Level 2” under “B3 Voice” and click “Save”.

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Blind Spot Information System and Moving Off Information Systems Suitable for TFL PSS system (Progressive Safe System)