Steps to set-up IO triggers on the PSS

Suggested triggers to use:

Foot brake or park brake

Wire to S1 and S2 respectively

Login to the PSS. Click on “Alarm” to expand, then click on “Base” to bring up the IO Alarm screen below.

Enable Sensor 1.

Under “Sensor Use”, for sensor 1 click the drop-down arrow and select “Start”

Under “Sensor Use”, for sensor 2 click the drop-down arrow and select “Left Steering”

Under IO State Click Check to bring up the screen below.

Engage your trigger while this screen is open. If the trigger works, you will notice a change in state eg. “Low” to “High” or “High” to “Low”. If your trigger is not connected or working, you will not see a change.

Note the state of your trigger and click “Cancel”. To bring you to the IO Alarm screen below.

Click Trigger on each sensor to setup your trigger.

In the “Sensor Trigger” screen, select the trigger state as noted in the “IO Status “screen (High or Low) and click “OK”

Repeat this for Sensor 2 as per the IO state check. Both triggers will now be setup.

Check the B3 Alarm Config and Speed settings

Click on “Industry Config”, click “Alarm Config” and set the BSD “Alarm Range” speed to 0, Tick the box in “C53  Alarm Level 2” under “B3 Voice” and click “Save”.

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Blind Spot Information System and Moving Off Information Systems Suitable for TFL PSS system (Progressive Safe System)