How to Arrange the Update Files on the SD Card.

How to add the PSS/MOIS files to a SD card for updating.

To start we will need to head to the link above and scroll down to the section titled “DVR Firmware Update and Config Files for 0-876-01 and 0-876-04 to support 0-870-58”

There will be two files that you will need to download from our helpdesk. The first is PSS DVR Firmware, and PSS DVR Config File. The links for each of these files will take you to a file share website where you can download the files from.

When the files are downloaded and you are ready to add the files to the SD card, the update and config files will need to be in specifically named folders. You will need to start off by creating two folders in the root directory of the SD card.

The two folders need to be named as the below picture shows.

Next, you will place the two files that are shown in the below image, into the folder named upgrade.

Next, we will open the folder named config, and create a new folder inside the config folder named X1N_AI. The final step will involve placing the file named config inside the folder X1N_AI.

Once these steps have been completed you can now safely eject the SD card from the computer by clicking the arrow in your system tray, then click on the USB icon and lastly click on safely remove hardware and eject media.

When the files are successfully on the SD card, the next step is to follow the instructions on how to update the DVR via the Easycheck App.

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