Steps to login to the PSS using your laptop

Download the IP Search Tool ZIP file from the Durite Helpdesk from PSS section

Create a folder on your desktop and unzip the contents of this zip file

Double Click to run the “SearchDevice” file which will open the IP Search Tool

Click Refresh. After a short while the camera IP address will be displayed.

Change your laptop IP address to communicate with the IP Camera:

Click Start – Settings – Network and Internet – Ethernet – Change Adaptor Options

Double Click Ethernet- Click Properties – Select TCP/IP – Click Properties

Enter the IP range as found in the search IP Tool – But change the last number in the last colum of the IP address, increasing it by 1.

Subnet Mask will be

Type in the Gateway

Click Save

Open Internet Explorer

Type in the IP address of the camera in your browser

This will open your Login Screen

Please download the instructional video for a step by step guide.

Creation date: 22/02/2024 14:15      Updated: 22/02/2024 14:15
Video PSS IP Login.mp4
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Blind Spot Information System and Moving Off Information Systems Suitable for TFL PSS system (Progressive Safe System)