PSS Systems

The Progressive Safe System (PSS) is an enhanced version of the current DVS Safe System that fleet operators will need to install on their HGVs over 12T, so they can travel and operate legally within Greater London from October 2024.

The new DVS Progressive Safe System has the same purpose as the current DVS Safe System, but is smarter and more sophisticated. It will be used to provide drivers indirect vision and to completely eliminate the blind spots on the nearside of the vehicle. The key difference between the current and the new system is that the new proposal, if adopted, would require the nearside detection system to be able to distinguish between stationary and moving objects, and only alert the driver when moving objects are detected. In addition, the nearside camera monitoring system would be required to completely eliminate the blind spot at the nearside of the vehicle and trailer.

Our PSS System covers BSIS and MOIS requirements.

PSS Systems using the 0-870-58 kit

DEFAULT NETWORK SETTINGS for connecting to camera

Config File for 0-870-58 for setting up Alarms and triggers for units not being connected to a DVR.

Setting up Triggers on 0-870-58  Guide to set up alarms and triggers not using the config file.

Quick user guide

System Diagrams for kits below

0-870-58  -  BSIS / MOIS kit

4-774-50  -  Full PSS Kit

4-774-51  -  PSS upgrade for vehicles with DVS kits fitted

4-774-52  -  Complete PSS Kit excluding Monitor

4-774-53  -  PSS kit with non-live DVR + o/s camera and rear camera

4-774-54  -  PSS kit with live DVR + o/s camera and rear camera

4-774-55 - PSS Kit Incl BSIS, MOIS, 7" Moni, Live DVR + 2 Cam int+rear

4-774-56  -  Non-Live DVR + 2 Cam Ready For PSS Kit

4-774-57  -  Live DVR + 2 Cam Ready For PSS Kit

DVR Firmware Update and Config File for 0-876-01 and 0-876-04 DVR to support 0-870-58

All DX1 / DL1 units will require a Firmware update unless been ordered as a PSS DVR Please update the firmware and config files as below to be able to calibrate the PSS kit via the DVR.

Search Device tool

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Calibration Areas and types of warnings on the Alarm Panel.docx
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Durite - 0-870-58 Install Manual.pdf
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Updating DVR firmware.pdf
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Blind Spot Information System and Moving Off Information Systems Suitable for TFL PSS system (Progressive Safe System)