0-876-01 DVR

From October 2022 this will be supplied without the Remote control. To install and then download footage you will need to use the easy check module 0-876-32 which will be supplied with the 0-876-01 DVR and the easy check app see links below to download on android or ios devices.

You can also use the 0-876-33 HDD reader to download footage using Durite Live software in local mode.

Download the DVR manual below.

Easycheck APP
RM Easycheck app

Pairing DVR With Tablet or Smartphone by WiFi to Use Easycheck app

Playback and export Guides

Easycheck Manual

Creation date: 06/10/2022 16:06      Updated: 17/06/2024 16:57
0-876-01 LEAF.pdf
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