This guide will go over the layout for the settings pages of the DX and DL range of DVRs

Accessing the Menu - Using a remote

  -  Press the SETUP button on the remote and enter the password (default is eagle)

Accessing the Menu - Using Touchscreen monitor

  -  Tap the screen to bring up the options along the bottom of the screen, then tap the Login icon in the bottom right corner (see image below)


After login, click setup>Maintenance, and then enter into the page as following.

In the configuration page, user can export and import the configuration file.

Insert flash drive to export the configuration file to the root folder the file name is ConfigFile
Insert flash drive to import configuration file into MDVR , and it will display the notice when import
success fully .
It won’t import the register info and speed adaption info.

File Data
User can export any file.
File type: GPS data file, vehicle info file, ACC info file, Can info file, Dial info file and Captured pic.

In the page of upgrade, user can upgrade software.  This is done prior to dispatch

Put the upgrade file in flash drive. Currently, device firmware, micro controllers firmware,
CP4 firmware and IPC firmware can be put inside.
Insert flash drive and enter the upgrade interface, click software upgrade and it will indicate
that upgrade file is importing.
MDVR reboot up and enter into upgrade interface after importing successfully.

1) Make sure don’t power off during upgrading.
2) Put the upgrade file into the folder “upgrade”, which is at the root directory if the USB drive
3) It support upgrade firmware, LOGO, MCU, and MCU for CP4.
4) Firmware and MCU will package in one file, and it will upgrade MCU first, and then firmware.
5) The name of the LOGO are: logo_update(10.12.15).jpg and logo_cvbs(11.12.15).jpg
6) Please don’t put many files in the same folder when it is upgrading, otherwise, it will
upgrade one randomly.

In this page, user can format all the storage.

Storage type: HDD, SD card (Internal), SD card (External), USB drive
  • Not exist: Didn’t find the HDD (not install or broken)
  • Unformatted: Means the HDD has been detected, but unformatted.(New HDD)
  • Capacity info: Display the correct info means HDD working fine
Format: Click format and it will refresh the current formatted volume information after formatting successfully.
It can record after formatting successfully and no need to reboot up.


Click reset to restore the original data.
For, language, MAC address, register info, CMS server info, speed adaption parameter will not change during default settings.

Doing the Reset will lose all other settings , Password , Network , Alarm triggers
We are unable to send out config files as each firmware version will have a different config file in this case its best to get the DVR back to us to be reconfigured for normal use.
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