REC Search

The System section of the DVR menu has no settings that can be changed. All the subsections within this section just give information about the DVR

Accessing the Menu - Using a remote

  -  Press the SETUP button on the remote and enter the password (default is eagle)

Accessing the Menu - Using Touchscreen monitor

  -  Tap the screen to bring up the options along the bottom of the screen, then tap the Login icon in the bottom right corner (see image below)

Select Menu option REC Search

Video search interface contains video file search, video data backup and video playback function.
When there is a hard disk or SD card, enter the video search interface. Following is the REC Search

In the calendar, the color below the dates means:
a. No color means no video.
b. Green means common video.
c. Red means alarm video.
d. Yellow means there are alarms and the video files are automatically lock (lock video).

Source: select the source of the video, there are main video, sub video and mirror video.
The main record means HDD record while sub record and mirror record are dual stream records.

Select the date with record, click next, and then enter the following interface:
Following are the search options and search result interface:

Video type:  User can choose all record, alarm record or normal record.
Channel: The channel is optional and mark with color that has record. The channel with gray cannot be
chosen if there is no record. As to different record type, it will show differ entries relates.
Click search button in the record search detail page, user can enter then record search result page.
Time Bar: Time bar shows three time points, 0 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 24 o'clock. It shows what type of
videos during the time according to the marked channel.
Channel No:  According to the situation of video for each channel video the day, the video will be
displayed on the time line. Tick the channel if user wants to playback the video.
Note:  channel number is displayed from 1~20, please up page up/page down button to change channel
Button description
Video playback:  Choose the channel No., select start time to play < default start from 0 >, click the
playback button to playback the video.

In playback interface, user can choose fast forward or fast backward to play the video, the button in the
middle of screen can switch the channels. The image stops and it will not exit automatically when
playing to the last video of the day.
Time period settings:  Click the time setting button, select start time and end time, it will back up or
playback the video in the selected time period. Click clip to export the video, the file format can
be.264< comprehensive file >,  also can be.avi format.

Video export:
Select the channel that has the video files, click this button, all the video files in the effective time period will be exported to the external USB peripherals, file format can be.264<comprehensive file >, also can be avi format.
User can also get out the hard drive or SD card, export and playback the video by Running Durite Live software in Local Mode.

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