DX - DL1 Settings

Here You can access guides for DX (0-876-01) / DL1 (0-876-04) model DVRs

Where to adjust Vehicle Specific settings.

How to Flip or Mirror the camera image on the DVR.

How to get IP camera to show on Quad Screen view

These come out set for 720P Cameras if using lower or higher resolution settings this guide shows how to adjust them.

How to check HDD storage capacity and format the HDD.

How to export footage to external storage.

How to access footage using Durite Live in Local mode using the 0-876-33 HDD reader.

How to have monitor off until triggered by DVR

How to Check SIM and Connection status on DL1 DVR

How to change to single screen setting

How to Set additional alarm triggers

Check HDD is Recording footage by using Playback

Final stages of any DVR installation Important to make sure DVR is recording correctly.

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Access DX1 and DL1 HDD in Durite Live Local mode.pdf
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Adjust Cameras on Quad Screen DX - DL1 DVR to show IP Camera.pdf
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Adjust image orientation on DX.pdf
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Adjust image to Single Screen DX - DL1 DVR.pdf
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DL1 Checking 4G Connection and Signal Strength.pdf
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DX - DL1 Formatting HDD on DVR.pdf
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DX - DL1 inital set up.pdf
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DX - DL1 storage.pdf
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DX-DL1 Resolution settings.pdf
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Export to USB from DX and DL DVR.pdf
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Final stage of installation.pdf
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How to Run DVR with monitor off until triggered by indicator or reverse.pdf
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Playback from HDD on DX and DL DVR.pdf
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Setting up additional Alarm Triggers DX - DL1.pdf
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