Durite Live Guides

Here you can find Step by Step Guides on using Durite live to download, export and playback of footage.

How to Get Footage From DVR caddy using 0-876-33 HDD Reader.

How to Download Footage Remotely using Durite Live.

How to Search for footage using Playback in Durite Live.

How to Minimize data usage to avoid over data charges.

How to export footage files from the DVR to USB drive.

How to use the Durite Live Evidence Feature.

How to set up Email alerts from Durite Live for events. Some DVR settings will need to be changed for these features.

All Guides in Zip File

Creation date: 22/07/2021 08:26      Updated: 03/11/2022 09:42
Durite Live Email Alerts.pdf
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Durite Live download footage guide v2.pdf
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Minimize Data use with Durite Live.pdf
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Durite Live Playback Guide.pdf
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Export to USB from DX and DL DVR.pdf
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Access DX1 and DL1 HDD in Durite Live Local mode.pdf
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Setting up Durite Live Video Loss Email Alerts.pdf
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Durite Live Guides.zip
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Durite Live Evidence Folder Use.pdf
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