How to download footage to your phone using WiFi

The 0-775-44 dashcam has WiFi built in. It is a direct connection between the camera and your Android or IOS phone, so no WiFi router is needed.

It is useful for setting up the angle of the lens, and for quickly downloading some footage without needing a computer.

With the 0-775-44 dashcam you can view and download footage straight from the camera using your Android or IOS smartphone.

The app to use is called RICAM and can be found on both the Google Play store, and the Apple app store.

The first thing to do is turn the WiFi on on the camera. You can do this by either:
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the menus and selecting the WiFi option, then turning it on
  • Pressing and holding the square button on the right () for 3 seconds

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Single and Dual Camera models, to playback footage you will need to download the required software.