DVR Player software missing shortcut

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With Windows 10 the installer application doesn’t always create the shortcut to run the player from.

Software should be installed in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DVR_Player

In that folder should be DVR_Player.exe, although depending on the Windows configuration it may appear without the .exe on the end, however it should be listed as “Application” under Type, see image below.

Right click on it (or hold your finger on it if using a tablet with no mouse) to display the context menu and choose “Send to” – “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”.

Once the shortcut is created, locate it on the desktop and from there it’s right click “Run as Administrator”, or follow this guide to set the software up to always run as administrator.
Creation date: 12/02/2018 12:16      Updated: 14/02/2020 09:01
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